"TERMOTEHNIKA" Plc. has an operating system for quality management ISO 9001-2000.The main technological process in our manufacturing process is welding. All welding processes are conveyed according to the approved procedures of the notified agencies and by welders who are EN 287 and
EN 15614-1 certified.

"TERMOTEHNIKA" Plc. is listed in the registry of the National Agency for Meteorological and Technical Supervision of Specialists Responsible for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of equipment with special handling requirements with a registration number PD 129 as an entity which maintains and repairs:

1. Steam and water-heated boilers;

2. Vessels working under up to 5 Мра pressure;

3. Pipelines for water steam and hot water;

4. Gas equipment and installations for gas or liquefied
carbon gas with a working pressure of up to 1,6 Мра;

"Termotehnika" Plc. manufactures products which are certified according to the requirements of “Regulation for the Basic Requirements and Assessment of the Correspondence of
Pressure Vessels” – ordinance 204 from 03.09.2002.

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