The main technological steps in the manufacturing process of the company include:

Gas/oxygen cutting of carbon steel material of thickness up to 120 mm
with CNC control equipment;

Plasma cutting of non-corrosive steel of thickness of up to 10 mm with
manual control equipment;

Guillotine cutting of material with thickness of up to 16 mm;

Welding of material by hand as well as semi-automatically under a flux,
coating following a standard procedure by a certified agency;

Cold deformation of material with thickness of up to 16 mm – width of
up to 2000 mm;

Cold deformation with a hydraulic abkant of material with thickness of
up to 12 mm – width of up to 3000 mm;

Manufacturing of flat berthed dished heads;

Non-destructive testing of the welds via capillary method, ultrasound
and x-ray control by certified lab operators;

Hydraulic testing;

Protective coating, sandblasting, painting and isolation.

All manufacturing sites are equipped with bridge cranes.

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